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Northwest Suburban Chabad's
Rosh Hashanah Campaign

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Goal:  $54,000

Over the past twenty seven years Northwest Suburban Chabad has raised the Jewish conscience of the Jewish community. Its effects are engraved in the lives of thousands who have been touched by its programs, activities and services. We couldn’t do it without the help and commitment of our many supporters and partners.

As we enter into the last days of 5776 and are approaching the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we are reminded of the importance of charity, a central theme, during the days of awe. Please join our Pre Rosh Hashanah Campaign by making a generous donation.

Thank G-d we have a 2 generous benefactors who have pledged to triple your donation. That means that for every dollar that you give, Northwest Suburban Chabad will get $3. This is an incredible opportunity to show your support and make a real difference in our community! Please consider helping Northwest Suburban Chabad with a generous High Holidays gift.

Chabad is ever more important in today's world. The children we teach, the families we help, the people we reach and inspire every one of them is a vital link to our future as a vibrant and growing community.

Remember that donations to Northwest Suburban Chabad are 100% tax deductible (speak to your accountant to see how this will benefit you on your return).

We are aiming to raise $54K before Rosh Hashanah to support Northwest Suburban Chabad.

Each Dollar you give is worth Three Dollars!
But only if we reach our goal by
Sunday, October 2 at 6 pm.
We Thank Our Recent Partners
Shmuel Katz
Vitaly Soyfer
Mikhail Ayzenshteyn
Mark Ayzenshteyn
David Rose
Rosh Hashanah
David Guttman
Naftali Shmuel, Chaya Mushka Grossbaum
לזכות הרב שמואל אברהם בינימין הכהן וזוגתו חנה ובניהם ובנותיהם שיחיו שיצליחו בעבודת השליחות באופן דלמעלה מן המשוער ויגרום נחת רוח רב להמשלח
Sharon Rothstein
Alexandra Tsesis
David Finn
Thank you Rabbi and Chani for all of your work for our community. Congratulations on your many nachas' with Mendel and Mushkie this past year.
Bruce Kaufman